Nexans launches electrical installation "game-changer", MOBIWAY BOOST

Mar 18, 2024

Nexans Unveils MOBIWAY BOOST: Revolutionizing Electrical Installations for Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability.


  • With the new MOBIWAY BOOST System, Nexans steps up as the key innovative partner for Residential and Commercial sectors, enabling electrical installers, contractors and consultants to work easier, faster and safer while reducing costs and waste
  • The all-in-one MOBIWAY BOOST spool system combines the best technology, design, and functionality to create a solution that meets the most demanding electrical installation needs. 
  • Designed with sustainability at its core, MOBIWAY BOOST is a game-changer. It's recyclable and reusable design not only minimizes waste, reducing landfill impact, but also decreases the need for raw material mining contributing to more sustainable electrification. 


Australia, March 19, 2024 - Nexans Australia, a leader in the design and manufacturing of cable technology solutions, is reinventing the wheel by launching MOBIWAY BOOST, a revolutionary cable spool management system that challenges a longstanding industry standard.

Designed with the user in mind, the integration of an inner drum within the cable spool ensures a safer unspooling and rewinding process, whereas its integrated handle provides convenient and ergonomic carrying, a feature which improves overall handling. MOBIWAY BOOST can also be stacked vertically and horizontally, which reduces labour costs, improves safety and efficiency by allowing quick setup, secure transport and storage with its rubber feet for additional stability, and simultaneous pulling of multiple cables.     


MOBIWAY BOOST: A Win for Efficiency and Sustainability 

For over 40 years, the spool design has remained unchanged, primarily constructed from plastic, with the majority of industry spools being recyclable. However, due to the absence of recycling facilities and inadequate recycling practices, they often end up in landfill. This not only depletes valuable natural resources but also imposes a significant environmental impact.

In a move away from the unsustainable use of single-use spools, Nexans introduces MOBIWAY BOOST – a returnable and reusable solution, leading to a significant decrease in energy consumption. With improved meter marking and additional cable length on each spool, it minimizes scrap cable and maximises usage value. Through the implementation of recyclable and reusable initiatives, we can significantly contribute to waste reduction in landfills and minimize the impact of mining, achieving energy savings.  


Collaboration Leads to Innovation: MOBIWAY BOOST Designed by Electricians, for Electricians.  

The building market is global and presents a variety of challenges urging Nexans to understand local market dynamics by regularly engaging with professionals in focus groups and persona studies. Throughout this process, Nexans identified significant pain points within the electrical installation industry mainly concerning labour costs, operational inefficiencies, and logistical challenges. 

Verbatim customers’ pain points quoted: 

  • Lots of manual handling, trolleys only help moving from warehouse shelf to van and back” 

  • Labour costs are the biggest concern” 

  • A-frames get forgotten, require more than one person, and can be a safety issue on site. Cannot bring A-frame into every space” 

  • Half empty spools get left on the pallet because installers don’t know how much cable is on the spool” 

  • Unspools the cables for less resistance, and spools tend to run away. The cable on the ground mostly gets thrown in the skip. It gets easily tangled and it takes time to sort out and weakens the cable” 


In March 2022, Nexans initiated extensive research, interviewing 32 professionals across Australia. The respondents were licenced electricians working in both commercial and residential sectors, and were given hands-on access to MOBIWAY BOOST initial prototypes during research sessions.


Their feedback provided invaluable insights and helped to refine the product to meet the industry's needs, ensuring a more efficient, cost effective, safer, and more sustainable solution for electricians. This collaborative approach underscores Nexans' commitment to innovation and customer-centric design. 

Reaching new heights in cable installation and sustainable electrification Mobiway BOOST system revolutionizes the future of electrical industry with its functional design and features, redefining the industry standards in convenience and productivity.  

Our past, present, and future; innovation is in our DNA. 

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