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MOBIWAY UN'REEL brings a new set of benefits to cable installers around the world that simplifies the installation process, using smarter cabling to make the process easier, quicker, safer and cost-efficient. 

This system is a wooden cable drum sandwiched between two slightly larger wooden flanges, which act as wheels. These move independently of the central reel, and each other, meaning the whole thing is highly maneuverable. Best of all, you don’t need a cable stand – you can unwind the cable straight from the drum!

Cable drums are often unwieldy, due to their size and weight; but using MOBIWAY UN'REEL means that just one person can complete the installation process safely and efficiently, whether in a small space or warehouse.

UN'REEL vs regular cable drum

UN'REEL functionality - designed with the installer in mind

MOBIWAY UN'REEL's clever design remedies many of the handling and safety issues associated with traditional methods of pulling cable.

The independently moving inner drum eliminates friction, allowing the cable to be unwound with ease without pulling on the weight of the whole drum. This reduces strain on your crew, and makes pulling cables almost effortless.

Everything required for installation is included without the need for heavy cable jacks, special equipment, or additional labour. 

Special locking pins secure the inner and outer drums for transportation and also double as chocks to keep the drum stable during installation.   

Everything about UN'REEL has been designed to improve safety and reduce cost, so you can optimise your time onsite! 

  • Easy Manipulation: MOBIWAY UN'REEL can be rolled and steered safely to the desired position by one person. No need for a second pair of hands!
  • Easy Installation: simply remove the locking device, use it to chock the drum for stability, and start pulling cable. The inner drum is free to rotate - no need for a dedicated cable stand.
  • Easy on your workforce: MOBIWAY UN'REEL requires no heavy lifting, greatly reducing the risk of injury.
  • Easy on your budget: single person handling and installation means the potential to dramatically reduce labour costs. 

“ I can confidently say that MOBIWAY UN'REEL has set a new standard for convenience and functionality in cable management.

The ease of unloading, maneuverability, and the absence of cable stands make it a top choice for any project. It truly made our project run smoother and more efficiently than we could have imagined. ”

Simon King

Project Coordinator

Level up! UN'REEL is ULTRACKER enabled, offering greater visibility and flexibility when you need it.

MOBIWAY UN'REEL drums come complete with a Nexans ULTRACKER, so you can get more from your UN'REEL project.

ULTRACKER is a cutting-edge cable and drum management system which utilises a GPS device embedded in the drum and IoT technologies to provide round-the-clock drum tracking, including:

  • Real time location tracking
  • Theft detection
  • Movement notifications
  • Length remaining on drum estimations, so you can monitor inventory

ULTRACKER is an optional extra which, in conjunction with MOBIWAY UN'REEL, can provide a total package solution. Talk with our team to discover the option that suits you.


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