Product Environmental Declaration

Who would've thought that products need passports?

Selecting the eco-friendliest product requires a reliable method to compare the environmental performance of  industrial products. The independent PEP EcoPassport program is a useful tool for this purpose.

PEP EcoPassport is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). PEP is a globally recognised declaration that conducts a product's Life Cycle Assessment to detail its environmental impact through recognized methodology.

PEP declarations are ISO 14025 accredited ensuring accuracy of data and validating the environmental impact of the product. From raw materials, to manufacturing, to recyclability & waste - all is disclosed within a PEP.


Products in the PEP database


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Companies in the PEP Association

What's our involvement?

Nexans are founding members of the PEP Association, and a number of our local products are already PEP certified. We're registering many of our cable solutions all the time, so keep checking our product catalogue for updates! ♻️

Nexans has registered more than 60 Product Environment Profiles covering over a thousand product references. The publication of this information on behalf of the PEP ecopassport program is a guarantee of credibility and high standards with respect to environmental objectives.

It also has become a major argument for differentiation.

Find a PEP product from us

There are a couple of different ways to locate a PEP verified cable on our website.

From our Product Catalogue, search for a specific product from within a range e.g.

Products > Low Voltage Cables > Flat TPS > SWITCH PLUS 4C+E TPS

Or you can browse our range. Cables that have a verified PEP EcoPassport will display a logo, and show a link to view and download the document, as shown in the example below.

What are the benefits of a PEP?

The PEP Eco Passport empower our customers and end users with accurate and accessible information about the environmental impact of Nexans’ products. This transparency allows for informed decision-making, enabling stakeholders to choose products that align with their sustainability goals.

  • Transparency and informed decision making
  • Risk mitigation and compliance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our commitment to corporate responsibility, Nexans believes in sharing the environmental impact of our products openly.

The PEP EcoPassport exemplifies our dedication to accountability and encourages a shared responsibility for sustainable practices across the industry.

“ Electricity from renewables plays a critical role in achieving environmental goals. Electrical assets – such as cables, connectors and transformers – require energy as well raw materials. Their production has an environmental impact, in terms of carbon footprint and resource consumption. ”


Nexans Sustainability Team

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Zain Syed

Sustainability Manager Australia & NZ

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