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Fire risks, a reality with high potential consequences


residential fires incidents annually


of fires are caused by electrical failures or old wiring


of insurance claims yearly are for fire incidents


increase in the demand for electricity by 2030 (source: International Energy Agency)

The devastating impact of fires

In its 2022 Global Claims Review, Allianz insurance listed fire as the largest single identified cause of corporate insurance losses with damages running into billions. And the human toll is huge: 4,000 fatalities and 134,000 injuries per year.

With new forms of energy use come new risks. From tablets to smartphones, our reliance on electrically powered digital devices is only growing. The rise of new energy usages in building, such as electric vehicles or rooftop solar panels, increases the burden on domestic wiring systems and the risks related to fire.

Choosing the right cables saves lives

Anticipate risks, secure assets & protect people with Nexans Fire Safety solutions

At Nexans, our priority is to provide our customers and partners with everything they need to design and build safe and sustainable electrification, at every step of their project lifecycle. That’s why we constantly innovate to ensure our cables are at the edge in terms of safety, reliability, electrical performance, and standards compliance.

Our offer is based on three pillars

We ANTICIPATE fire risks We SECURE your assets We PROTECT life
We are pioneers with a 120-year heritage employing our high-level expertise and know-how, our teams and partners to develop efficient, innovative products and solutions. Our reliable fire safety cables and solutions mitigage fire impact in buildings, allowing an easier and quicker recovery of your business. At Nexans, we are dedicated to protecting your business growth. People and the environment are our top priorities. Our cable and solutions ecosystems are designed to save lives with standards of performance that maximize safety and impact.
Maximise your safety by choosing the right cables within Nexans Fire Safety range

In the event of a fire, two criteria are key for electrical cables to secure a quick and safe evacuation.

  • The Reaction to Fire, defined by the fire spread, the smoke opacity, the loss of flaming droplets, and the acidity of emissions. All those elements have a major impact on people’s ability to evacuate on time.
  • The Resistance to Fire, defined by the ability of the cable to maintain the functionality (power and communication) of the circuit under a fire, for a certain duration (from 15 to 120 minutes), and with no or minor decay of performance. This performance, defined by national and international standards, ensures the integrity of the safety system’s critical functions.

“ We, Fire Safety expert, help you to be the first line of defense against fires by ensuring the right choice of standards and cables. ”

Fire Safety Solutions: Nexans ALSECURE®

Nexans Fire Safety is our commitment to your safe and sustainable electrification. It is a full range of cable at the edge of innovation, that will help you to anticipate risks, secure your assets, and protect Life. ​

Engineered to save lives and protect property, our range of fire rated cables lays the foundations for a fire-safe building. Made here in Australia and tested under live conditions, fire rated cable from Nexans Olex is designed to perform even under exposure to direct flames. That means essential systems like elevators, extraction fans, emergency lighting, and fire alarms will continue working in an emergency. The safety of people and structures in Australia drives the need for innovation in this space. 

For applications requiring improved fire behaviour - for example for buildings with a complex structure or with many people or disabled or less mobile people - Nexans has brought together its best-performing cables under the name Nexans ALSECURE®

Full range of fire rated cables:

Anticipate the future adopting the new generation of safe cables Nexans ENVIROLEX® and Nexans ALSECURE®

The ENVIROLEX® and ALSECURE® ranges are already available and can already contribute to changing the level of safety in your projects. This range is further structured according to performance level.

  • Our Low Fire-Hazard cables Nexans ENVIROLEX® : constitute the best line of defense against fire in all types of buildings and infrastructures. They significantly delay the propagation of flames, thus gaining precious time for evacuation and fire-fighting. Thanks to their advanced reaction-to-fire properties, they reduce opaque smokes and acid gases to a minimum, securing a safe escape with the best possible visibility
  • Our Fire-Resistant cables Nexans ALSECURE® Plus are essential components of a building safety system. During the evacuation process, they ensure that critical functions (warning systems, smoke detector, smoke extractor, emergency exits, and fire lighting equipment) remain functional, even under a long exposer to flames.​

“ We, Fire Safety expert, support you in making your business safer and less risk averse with best-in-class fire protection. ”

We support all your projects

The building of the future is electric – meaning more cables, more connectors, more systems and subsystems – but also smarter, safer, with a low carbon footprint.

With Nexans Fire Safety, we bring you a full range of cable that will ensure a safer and more sustainable energy, at all stages of the electrification chain, and no matter the type of building.

From residential to commercial and industrial buildings, but also to all high safety buildings (hospitals, schools, hotel), infrastructures (tunneling, rail, airports terminals), new energy (Solar PV), and data centers, you can rely on Nexans to support you against fire risks.

Fire safety solutions to support your projects:

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