Power Accessories up to 72.5 kV

Nexans Power Accessories has been a leader in pre-assembled cable accessories for more than 60 years.

The standard product range of GPH® compression or mechanical connectors and cable lugs is developed and produced as well as customized solutions. Nexans also manufactures ready-to-install pre-assembled cable lengths and factory tested cable bridges for industrial applications.

With the brand name EUROMOLD® we are a European market leader for medium voltage accessories. We offer the entire portfolio of separable connectors for interfaces A to F in proven EPDM technology with at least 3 mm conductive jacket. In this scope, longtime know-how and technological advance was successfully transferred into high voltage applications.

We provide a complete range of cold-shrinkable and slip-on accessories, e.g. premoulded terminations and joints for cables and epoxy bushings for transformers and switchgears, up to 170 kV.

An extensive range of additional equipment and a variety of dedicated installation training and tooling make Nexans a strong partner in the transmission and distribution of energy.

R909TB/G EUROMOLD® Tee connector

Interface F
up to 72.5 kV, 1250 A

U (Um) 60-69 (72.5) kV

Separable tee shape connector designed to connect polymeric insulated cable to equipment (transformers, switchgears, ...). Also connects cable to cable when using the appropriate mating parts.

  • Thick conductive EPDM jacket.
  • Each separable connector is tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.

The R909TB/G separable tee connector is type tested acc. to IEC 60840

AFN72 EUROMOLD® Slip-on termination

for indoor and outdoor use up to 72.5 kV

U (Um) 60-69 (72.5) kV

Dry type, non size sensitive terminations for use indoors, outdoors and exposed to prolonged sunshine and other weather conditions. To connect polymeric insulated cable to equipment and for the outdoor terminating onto overhead lines or bus bars.

  • Its compact and modular design supports the suitability for different pollution levels.
  • All termination housings are tested for AC withstand and partical discharge prior to leaving the factory.

The AFN72 slip-on termination is type tested acc. to IEC 60840, and meets the requirements of IEC/TS 60815-3; SPS class d and e. According to IEC 60112: CTI > 600

72MSJ Single core straight joint

Slip-on technology up to 72.5 kV

U (Um) 60-69 (72.5) kV

Non size sensitive slip-on single core straight joint made of silicone, optimized for mechanical connectors. For jointing copper wire screened polymeric cable to be laid in air or directly buried. The product is fully screened and fully submersible.

  • All joint bodies are tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.
  • Protective outer cover made of heat-shrinkable tubes.

The slip-on single core straight joint 72MSJ is type tested acc. to IEC 60840.

Accessories up to 72.5kV including:

  • R909TB/G - EUROMOLD® Tee connector, Interface F
  • R909PB/G - EUROMOLD® Coupling connector
  • 900SA-CD - EUROMOLD® Surge arrester, Interface F
  • R900BE/G - EUROMOLD® Bushing extender, Interface F 
  • R900DR-B/G - EUROMOLD® Dead-end receptacle, Interface F
  • Possible arrangements Interface F
  • R900AR-6 / R900AR-8 - EUROMOLD® Equipment bushing, Interface F
  • Fixings for equipment bushings
  • AFN72 - EUROMOLD® Slip-on termination for indoor and outdoor use
  • EV72.5 - Outdoor termination with composite insulator
  • ESC - EUROMOLD® Premoulded EPDM Stress Cone
  • 72MSJ - Slip-on single core straight joint
  • 72MSJ-SB - Sectionalizing slip-on single core straight joint for cross-bonding application
  • LHV1 - Multitool for cable preparation and installation

You can download and check out our catalogue below for more details.

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